3D Animation & Visual Effects (Vfx)

Have you always created imaginary worlds in your mind? Or been awestruck by animated films and stunning visual effects in movies and wondered if you couldn’t do that for a living? AMDT’s ‘Advanced Diploma of 3D Animation & Visual Effects – VFX’ gives you the complete technical skill set and commercial project experience required to enter a creative career in 3D animation movies, television, animation and game studios.

The 3D Animation & Visual Effects course is suitable for anyone who would love to create award-winning 3D animation and visual effects using technology, software and best practices expected in today’s media industry.

What you will learn

Hands-on learning in 3D sculptures, art, green screen effects, video production, visual design, lighting, videography, 3D texturing, interior design, character design, rigging, rendering, 3D production etc.

These skills, combined with your imagination, can help you create award winning visual worlds.

Units – Year 1

Art and Design 1
Art and Design 2
Art and Design 3
Drawing and Illustration
Digital Design, Process and Strategy 1
Video Production
3D Production 1 – Modeling
3D Production 2 – Animation

Units – Year 2

Digital Design, Process and Strategy 2
Studio Practice in Photography
3D Production 3 – Lighting and Surfacing
3D Production 4 – Character Design
3D Production 5 – Texturing
3D Production 6 – Character Rigging and Skinning
3D Production 7 – Rendering
Compositing and VFx
Interior Design for 3D
3D Animated Products
Work-based Experience
Professional Practice in Art and Design
Final Project

Software + Technologies

Autodesk 3ds max, Adobe Premiere CC, After Effects CC, Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, ZBrush, etc.


You can choose to become a Video Editor, Visual Effects Executive, 3D Animator, 3D Modeler, 3D Architect, CG Artist, Lighting Artist, Concept Artist, Render Artist, Motion Graphic Artist, etc.

Entry Requirements

Option 01: A’Level qualification or equivalent
Option 02: O’Level with AMDT Foundation Diploma
Option 03: O’Level with any recognized Foundation qualification
Option 04: Any recognized Diploma or Level 3 qualification
Option 05: Full-time work experience with portfolio


Year 1 – No award
Year 2 – Advanced Diploma
Year 2 – BTEC HND (Year 02)

Recognition of Prior Learning

Students with recognized diploma or certificate in the relevant field will be given credit exemptions based on past results and portfolio review. Even professionals may join and apply for exemptions with proof of work.

Transfer to UK or Australia

After successful completion students may apply to our recommended list of universities in the UK or Australia to complete their higher studies.

Pearson (formerly Edexcel) BTEC HND

After successful completion students will also be awarded with a ‘BTEC HND 3D‘ UK certification.

Adobe Certifications

Students may additionally (optional) apply to sit for the relevant ‘Adobe Certification’ exams along with the course.

3D Animation, Visual Effects, Vfx, 3D Production, Videography

  • UPDATED: June 24, 2017
  • TYPE: Undergraduate
  • DURATION: Two (2) Years
  • INTAKES: January, September