3D Animation, Multimedia, Film Making, Photography & Gaming Industries Boom

AMDT on Sunday Times – Nov. 23rd 2014

Start your Degree Level Qualifications at AMDT

The entertainment industry including 3D Animation, Film Making, Photography, Multimedia and Gaming is one of the fastest growing industries today. These industries are booming both internationally and locally widening job opportunities for all eligible candidates.
On average, 3D Artists are known to make over $100,000 each year. Since most TV commercials, music videos, movies etc. are now created with 3D animation and Visual Effects (Vfx), the demand for quality and an in-depth technical knowledge in 3D is on a major rise even in Sri Lanka.

Lecturers at AMDT

There is a lot you will learn at AMDT. To be an expert in these industries learning just the software would not suffice. AMDT’s lecture panel is a joint faculty of both locals and internationals who are amiable and approachable at all times.
With us you will be taught and trained by well experienced 3D professionals in the design industry starting with a lot of 3D based drawing and sketching. This will give you the necessary knowledge and skill to move into software based education, but this isn’t it, there’s more. Students at AMDT regardless of the course they follow are trained to create designs for various concepts, thus shaping them into intellectual designers and this is where AMDT scores. Additionally, AMDT is the ONLY campus powered with Adobe Certified Experts and Professionals in Sri Lanka. We assure you’ve never had lecturers like this who love to teach.

100% Job Guarantee

After the successful completion of their undergraduate course at AMDT, students are given employment opportunities, to work in established organizations in the entertainment industry including 3D Animation, Film Making, Photography, Multimedia and Gaming.
AMDT takes the responsibility of providing all its undergraduate students with job opportunities in relevant industries.
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Most affordable courses

AMDT believes in providing a high quality education that’s affordable to all not just confining it to a handful. Through a valuable international design education that’s affordable, AMDT fulfills the dreams of many students experiencing financial difficulties. This way many talented students are given the opportunity to exhibit their design skills to the world intensifying the design industry simultaneously.
Course fee at AMDT too has been made flexible for students—students are given the chance of paying on a monthly basis making it convenient for them. You can visit AMDT to have a look at our high quality student portfolios that meet international standards of the design industry.

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