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Start your design career this January 2014

At AMDT you’ll be part of a diverse student community. You’ll meet new people who’ll become your friends for life, and there’s so much for you to get involved with outside of your studies.

Multimedia Graphic Fashion Design

What if i haven’t passed my o’level examination?
Not a problem! Students with no O‘Level qualification may gain entry to the AMDT Foundation course with a conditional offer and later follow the degree level courses.

What if i have’nt passed my a’level examination?
Not a problem! Students with no a‘level qualification may follow the amdt foundation course and gain entry to the degree level design courses.

Are the course fees affordable and reasonable?
Yes. Design education is highlighted as an expensive investment worldwide. As a private education provider in sri lanka, amdt continues to maintain reasonable course fees. Financial assistance is also offered for students. Students may pay in monthly installment methods.

Will you find me a job?
Yes. We 100% guarantee employment opportunities for all our students completing the degree level courses successfully. It will be the academy’s responsibility to obtain employment to such students.

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Who will I learn from?
We are proud and honored to have the best passionate faculty who love to teach. At amdt you will be learning directly from professional artists and designers. You are being taught and mentored by the best talent in the industry. We guarantee that you’ve never had teachers like this.

Are the lecturers Adobe Certified?
Yes they are. We have a senior faculty of adobe certified lecturers with more than 9 years of industry experience.

International Students
Our student community involves students from various countries. They come to amdt to pursue their educational goals. These countries include Maldives, India, Germany, Hongkong, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc.

Design Courses 2014

Edexcel BTEC HND – dual qualification options
AMDT is an Edexcel (Pearson) approved centre. Edexcel btec hnd is undoubtedly one of the most popular path ways to the higher education in the world. Edexcel hnd is entirely based on assignments and is stringently regulated through external verification by subject specialist from uk to maintain quality. Students are also offered an Edexcel BTEC HND along with most of the degree level design courses at AMTD. The Edexcel HND qualification is offered with no extra course fee charges. Students pay only the Edexcel registration fee.

What are my options? When are the courses starting?
A wide range of design courses are offered at AMDT.

The Orientation for the semester is on January 4th, 2014. The courses start on January 11th, 2014. Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity this time.


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