Fashion Design? It’s no Longer Expensive

Fashion Design

Press Release- Sunday Times 30th November 2014

Sunday Times 30th Nov. 2014


It’s No Longer Expensive to Fulfill Your Fashionista Dream!

People clothe themselves to look good and smart and clothes are responsible for creating the first impression of an individual. In the past and even today fashion plays a huge part in an individual’s life because everyone wants to look good. This is where fashion designers and the fashion design industry come to play.
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The Fashion industry first developed in Europe and America and today it is a highly globalized industry accounting for a significant share of the world economic output. From the extravagant film industries to the ordinary layman Fashion applies to all. Fashion is all about design, creativity and glamour. Some of you reading this article right now might like being a Fashion designer, but may have a feeling of uncertainty due to various reasons.


Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions from AMDT:

There are many places that offer an education in Fashion Design. Why choose AMDT?
Let’s say you want to follow a degree-level qualification in Fashion Design, what would you look for? You would look for quality, whether the campus is globally recognized, whether the campus environment is welcoming and friendly, whether the lecturers are qualified and approachable, whether the campus has all the required facilities and equipment AND most importantly whether the degree-level qualification is affordable.
So basically, there is a lot you would expect from a campus before you commit yourself to enroll for a particular course. So here’s the deal. What if you were told that you can get it all under one roof, at AMDT? Yes, at AMDT you receive the best from the best. AMDT is the only place you can have it all—high quality, affordability, global recognition, a friendly environment, well-equipped labs and studios, and qualified lecturers who are professionals in the design industry who love to teach.

What are the career opportunities in the field of Fashion Design if I learn at AMDT?
The Fashion design industry is diverse, branching out to many other industries like drama, film, music, advertising, etc. widening your career opportunities too. So with the right education and qualification in Fashion Design you can work as a Fashion Designer, Fashion Illustrator, Costume Designer, Fashion Photographer, Concept Developer, Fashion Entrepreneur, Trend Forecaster, Graphic Designer, Textile Designer etc. in any of the industries mentioned above.

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Am I eligible for a degree level qualification in Fashion Design at AMDT?
Design and creativity is in every one of us and AMDT brings out the designer in you. So if you ever thought you are not creative enough to be a designer, you are terribly mistaken.
To join our degree level qualification you need to have 3 passes in A/Levels or any equivalent qualification alternatively, like most students do, you can join with your O/Levels along with the AMDT foundation qualification.

Will AMDT get me a job?
After the successful completion of your Fashion Design Qualification at AMDT, you will be given employment opportunities, to work in established organizations in various entertainment industries that relate to the field of Fashion Design.
AMDT takes the responsibility of providing all its undergraduate students with job opportunities in relevant industries.
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Okay, I’m choosing AMDT. How do I start?
It’s simple! To register for a Degree-level Fashion Design qualification you can visit us with:

  • A copy of your ID or Passport
  • Your Education Certificates
  • Your Birth Certificate
  • Your CV
  • 2 Passport or stamp-size photographs
  • A Letter from employer (if available)

OR, you can talk to our student counselors who are ready to guide you and advice you at all times.
You can also chat with us on Facebook (