Ifthar Celebrations at AMDT

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Ifthar At AMDT


It is the blessed month of Ramadan, the month during which Muslims across the globe observe fast.  And Ifthar is the time for breaking the fast. It is the time of the day all Muslims look forward to, not just to end their fast, but also because it is customarily a treasured time spent with friends and family.

Having this in mind, the undergraduate students of the Academy of Multimedia Design and Technology scheduled an Ifthar event to be held on the 14th of July 2014.

Planning for the event had to be done within a very short span of about 3-4 days. By reaching out to all students via Facebook, we initiated our preparations for the event—All AMDTians were welcome and so was their food! The event was not just confined to the Muslims, but for the entire student population of AMDT. Regardless of religion or race, all students were allowed to participate and also make contributions to the event by bringing food items of their choice.

Ifthar at AMDT

With time running out, pulling off a successful event, making the academy and its lecturers proud was certainly a tedious task for us organizers. However, as design students who are well known to be excellent last-minute workers we triumphantly managed to put things together; like a zillion phone calls and some quick purchasing did the trick…

On the day of the event, both local and international students of the academy keenly brought with them mouthwatering dishes of various origins—Sri Lankan, Indian, Pakistani, Maldivian and so much more! For some design students this was a great opportunity to showcase their culinary skills too. They certainly had a knack for cooking and also proved themselves as designers even through their food with a display of colorful eye candy dishes.

The students and staff then laid the food and sat adjacent to one another eagerly waiting for the auspicious time for breaking the fast (ifthar).

Ifthar at AMDT

At 6.32pm the Muslims broke their fast having dates and water (the customary way of breaking the fast) and the rest of the students followed. They savored the lip smacking dishes one after the other starting off with dates and water, just as their Muslim colleagues did.

Dining with mouthfuls, laughing and enjoying the moment, this event too was yet another wonderful experience and undeniably a day to be remembered for all AMDTians who were present.