AMDTians Ice-Cream Dansal

With vesak celebrations happening island-wide, we the design students of the Academy of Multimedia Design and Technology organized an ice cream dansal for the first time. The dansal was held on the 17th of May 2014 at the college premises in Shrubbery gardens, Colombo 04.

Setting aside religious dogmas and dissimilarities, students from both undergraduate and foundation levels teamed up to see the event successfully through. All students chipped in making financial contributions showing much enthusiasm towards the event. It was a whole new fun-filled experience for the fresh designers.

Necessary preparations for the event were done by the students under the constant guidance and monitoring by the lecturers and staff of the academy. The very arty students of the academy commenced work with the designing of a colorful banner for the event. The students also, together with the staff put up lanterns and flags decorating the Academy and its vicinity. The event was a pleasurable learning experience for the young designers, who gained a lot—from learning to work as a team, being a part of a project to weaving coconut leaves!


The dansal began at 4pm and the crowd gradually came in numbers—buses, vans, cars, tuks, bikes and passersby all clogged for a scoop of delicious ice-cream. Our little dansal-shed was a hustle and bustle with the AMDTians serving ice-cream and helping each other out.

The dansal lasted for about an hour and a half with students working hard with a lot of excitement, having a laugh, taking dansal selfies while serving scoops and scoops of ice-cream. In the end we successfully managed to serve over 3000 ice-cream cones. It was certainly a privilege for us students to have been given such an opportunity by the academy. Seeing all passersby enjoying their scoop of ice-cream with smiles was a feeling unfathomably wonderful.