Sound Media

Sound Media

The AMDT degree level qualification in ‘Sound Media’ gives you opportunities to learn sound media for the Creative industries including films, animation, games, internet, and television.


You will learn skills and concepts necessary to meet the demands of various media projects with requirements of sound design, synchronization, sound effects creation, field audio recording, on-location audio recording, boom operation, audio editing, Foley recording, audio restoration, etc.


Please have a look at the units taught in the course. Get a Creative Career qualification in ‘Sound Media’.

Units – First Year

Creative Industry & Professional Development
Ideation & Contextual Studies
Graphics & Digital Design
Stop Motion Animation
Audio Practices
Audio Studies
Scriptwriting for Sound
Audio Technologies

Units – Second Year

Advanced Film & Television Studies
Collaborative Project
Film & Video Editing
Sound for Media Products
Multi-audio & Studio Live Production
Podcast Production
Audio Books & Audio Guides
Final Project

Softwares you will learn

Adobe Flash CC, Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, Dreamweaver CC, Fireworks CS6, Bridge CC, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, etc.

Your Creative Career choices

Boom Operator, Studio Assistant, Creative Director, Foley Artist, Audio Editor, Audio Restoration Artist, Editor, Sound Assistant, Sound Designer, Sound Recordist

100% Job Guarantee

AMDT’s Creative Education ensures ‘100% job guarantee’ with UK Degree level Design qualifications. While a greater majority of students find work even before they’ve completed their study, the ‘AMDT Showcase’ has now become the industry hunting ground for fresh Creative talent. Graduating students are given excellent opportunities to speak directly with prospective employers and are often offered employment then and there.

Entry Requirements

Option 01: A’Level qualification or equivalent
Option 02: O’Level with AMDT Foundation Diploma
Option 03: O’Level with any recognized Foundation qualification
Option 04: Any recognized Diploma or Level 3 qualification
Option 05: Full-time work experience with portfolio

January, May & September


Year 1 – No award
Year 2 – Advanced Diploma
Year 2 – BTEC HND

Recognition of prior learning

Students with recognized diploma or certificate in the relevant field will be given credit exemptions based on past results and portfolio review. Even professionals may join and apply for exemptions with proof of work.

Transfer to UK or Australia

After successful completion students may apply to our recommended list of universities in the UK or Australia to complete their higher studies.

Pearson BTEC HND (Formerly Edexcel)

AMDT’s prestigious UK qualifications are recognized by universities and companies worldwide. It’s awarded by UK’s most prestigious Pearson BTEC. These qualifications create endless opportunities for students to transfer to the final year of an undergraduate degree in UK, Australia, etc.

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