Michael Lu’s rewarding UI/UX Creative Career after AMDT’s Interactive Multimedia Qualification.


Every child dreams of having a creative career. And with the backing of supportive parent’s most of them are able to follow their dreams at a very young age. Sri Lankan parents are now more open to hear what their child’s dreams are and support those Creative dreams. This not only gives their child time to learn what they’re good at, but also encourages them to be themselves and let their true creative self to come out.

AMDT alumnus Michael Lu is the Lead UI/UX Engineer with over ten years of working experience at “Zone 24×7”.  This is his insight.

Opportunity in the Creative Industry
Michael Lu testifies that there is an increase in demand for UI/UX Creative Engineers in Sri Lanka and the lack of talent is stagnating the growth of the industry. He also feels that the Software Engineers coming into the UI/UX positions lack Creative thinking and are relatively bad at visual design. The industry needs UI/UX professionals who can visually create rich experiences and produce code by themselves.

Why a Creative Career
Michael was always good with computers, something that youth in Sri Lanka today are well versed with too. He recalls fond memories of using Microsoft PowerPoint to make stories that included music as well as various graphics. His Creativity wasn’t limited to the tools he had access to. Michael studied to become a software engineer but through the direction of a neighbor began work at Zone 24×7 as a UI engineer. It was only then that he realized how big a career it would become. Looking for education to boost his aspirations in UI/UX he came to AMDT to study the Interactive Multimedia BTEC HND.

Parent’s reaction
Michael’s parents were very supportive of what he wanted to do. They allowed him to do whatever made him happy, and encouraged him as they knew where his talent was. They always asked him to do his best, and what he liked doing which built a foundation for Michael to build upon.

Advice for those aspiring to become a UI/UX engineer
Michael asks anyone interested in coming into the industry to first start looking at the existing apps today. To draw inspiration and learn from the several successful applications around them. To experiment with creativity and continuous practice, Michael says, is equally important. Michael drew special emphasis on the fact young artist should not rely on the tools they have, but instead focus on the thinking process, the idea generation as well as Creativity to become a successful UI/UX engineer.

“It’s your creativity and thinking that helps you. If you have the backing, the understanding and the inspiration; with any tool you can create magic”

AMDT emphasizes on the importance of Creative Industry experience. AMDT’s faculty are practicing Artists and working Creative professionals with industry experiences and close links to their respective Creative industries. Students are being taught and mentored by the best talent in the industry.

Internationally Recognized Qualification
AMDT’s prestigious UK qualifications are recognized by universities and companies worldwide. It’s awarded by UK’s most prestigious Pearson BTEC.

These qualifications create endless opportunities for students to transfer to the final year of an undergraduate degree in UK, Australia, etc. A unique course curriculum coupled with AMDT’s Creative environment, couldn’t be a better form of preparation for young aspiring Creative artists.

AMDT’s UK Creative Degree Level Qualifications
Most of the degree level qualifications are offered as dual certification. The real value of it is that you pay one-course-fee but obtain two-certifications at the same time (dual qualifications). And these can be studied part-time or full-time.

The BTEC HND certifications are awarded by Pearson, the most prestigious UK institution recognized by professionals, many industries and universities around the world.

Early-bird Registrations

Anyone applying before 9th March 2018, will be awarded with Rs.50,000/- off the course fee.

Entry requirements
You may apply for admission with two A’Level passes or O’Level with the AMDT Foundation Diploma or any other recognized qualifications. Alternatively, students may also apply with work experience and portfolio.

To enroll for May 2018, call 114381981 or email info@amdt.lk to speak to AMDT’s Course Advisors to get proper guidance in choosing a Creative career course. Visit the website: www.amdt.lk or walk-in at 317A, Galle Road, Colombo 04 for more information